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Qingdao Sains Gas Technology Co., Ltd. has become a new benchmark in the gas industry with “Love Gas Innovation and Application”. It has a research center in Shanghai and has three brands of “Zongtai, Benyi, Interesting” and has independent import and export rights. The company integrates scientific research, design, production, sales, installation, maintenance and service around gas and application. Its products and services cover medical, electronic, chemical, glass, paper, food freezing, rubber and plastics, automobile manufacturing, machining, steel. Production, sewage treatment and other industries.
The company has a large liquid gas business unit (Zongtai business unit), a bottled gas business unit (running business unit), a gas application equipment business unit (fun business unit), and a gas purification equipment business unit.
Bulk Liquid Gas Division (Zongtai Division) provides users with LNG, liquid oxygen LOX, liquid nitrogen LIN, liquid argon liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide LCO2 and other liquid gas stations to provide gas supply services, using Internet of Things, remote monitoring, etc. Technology, regular safety training, regular safety inspection, life-long maintenance and other service concepts to ensure the safety of users' gas use, while handling safety records for users. Typical applications for bulk liquids include coal-to-gas LNG gas station, liquid oxygen for ozone wastewater treatment, liquid oxygen for ozone desulfurization, liquid nitrogen food for quick freezing, nitrogen pipe purge, nitrogen electronics for industry reflow SMT line protection, argon and carbon dioxide. Mixed gas machining, liquid nitrogen LNG gas station cold tank and nitrogen pipeline purge, liquid oxygen cupola oxygen-rich combustion, liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinding. The business department is the “Zongtai” brand operation department, “Building a gas station, selecting Zongtai, I will apply for a certificate, you will save your heart”.
The Bottled Gas Division (Baiyi Division) supplies high-purity gases, specialty gases, and standard gases for research institutes, testing organizations, laboratories, etc. The main products are high-purity nitrogen, high-purity oxygen, high-purity argon, and high purity. Helium, high purity hydrogen, high purity acetylene, high purity methane, high purity carbon dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, propane, isobutane, positive Butane, hydrazine, hydrazine, hydrazine, boron trifluoride, nitrogen trifluoride, boron trichloride, silicon tetrafluoride, monosilane, carbon dioxide standard gas, carbon monoxide standard gas, nitric oxide standard gas, nitrogen dioxide standard Gas, sulfur dioxide standard gas, isobutylene standard gas, methane standard gas, propane standard gas, isobutane standard gas, hydrogen sulfide standard gas, hydrogen chloride standard gas, formaldehyde standard gas, acetone standard gas, VOC standard gas, etc., using Internet of Things technology To build a fast distribution network, regularly provide user safety training, equipment maintenance, and build laboratory gas pipelines for users. The business department "Benyi brand operation department," buy bottle gas, choose Benyi, buy today, tomorrow."
The Gas Application Equipment Division (Family Business Division) develops and produces gas application equipment by using the low temperature, inertness, and other physical and chemical properties of liquid nitrogen, such as liquid nitrogen quick freezers, liquid nitrogen quick freezers, and liquid nitrogen. Drip machine, liquid nitrogen therapy instrument, liquid nitrogen cryogenic barrel, liquid nitrogen cryogenic pulverizer, stem cell storage liquid nitrogen tank system equipment, cord blood storage liquid nitrogen tank system equipment, soda water bubble machine, etc., the company uses abundant gas resources, Not only can the equipment be provided to the user, but the corresponding gas can be supplied to the user. As a common substance in nature, gas has different physicochemical properties and plays various mysterious and interesting roles in human beings. The department's “fun” brand operation department, “fun, let the gas use more interesting”.
The Gas Purification Equipment Division cooperates with the world-class compressed air purification company Newmantek to sell equipment such as dryers, dryers, filters, oil-water separators, drain valves, etc., focusing on clean gas.