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Laboratory gas pipeline design and installation


Laboratory gas pipeline design and installation

Product description
Laboratory gas pipeline design and installation
Our laboratory gas pipeline design and installation service is the pipeline connection of high purity gas from the cylinder to the laboratory instrument in the laboratory. Generally, there are gas switching devices - pressure reducing device - valve - pipeline - filter - alarm - Terminal box - regulating valve and other components. The conveying gas is the gas for laboratory instruments (chromatography, atomic absorption, etc.) and high-purity gas. Our company undertakes the turnkey project for the construction, reconstruction and expansion of laboratory gas pipelines (gas pipelines) in various industries.
The laboratory gas pipeline material is generally made of 316L stainless steel pipe, which has no gas permeability, less adsorption effect, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good strength.
The laboratory gas pipeline system is designed with a check valve at the outlet of the cylinder to avoid air and moisture mixing when replacing the cylinder. In addition, a pressure relief switch ball valve is installed at one end to discharge excess air and moisture before being connected. The instrument pipeline ensures the purity of the gas used in the instrument.
The centralized gas supply system of the laboratory gas pipeline adopts two-stage decompression to ensure the stability of the pressure, and adopts the method of two-stage decompression. First, after the first-stage decompression, the dry-circuit pressure is greatly reduced compared with the cylinder pressure, which plays a role. The function of buffering pipeline pressure improves the safety of gas consumption and reduces the risk of application. Secondly, it ensures the stability of the inlet pressure of the instrument supply air, reduces the measurement error caused by the fluctuation of gas pressure, and ensures the stability of the instrument.
Since some instruments in the laboratory need to use flammable gases, such as methane, acetylene, and hydrogen, when making the pipeline of this flammable gas, it should be noted that the pipeline should be as short as possible, and the connection of the intermediate joint should be reduced. At the same time, the cylinder must be installed with explosion-proof gas. In the bottle cabinet, the output end of the gas cylinder is connected to the igniter to prevent the explosion caused by the flame returning to the gas cylinder. The top of the explosion-proof gas cylinder cabinet should have a ventilation exhaust port connected to the outside, and there is a leakage alarm device. Drain the gas to the outside.
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