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Liquid nitrogen

Product description
First, the product name
Liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, industrial nitrogen, generally obtained by cryogenic separation of air
Second, the nitrogen chemical formula
Third, the relative molecular mass of nitrogen
Relative molecular mass: 28.0134 (calculated according to the international relative atomic mass in 2005)
Fourth, liquid nitrogen industrial nitrogen
According to the technical requirements of industrial nitrogen GB/T 3864-2008, the liquid nitrogen concentration is greater than or equal to 99.2%. Actually, the pure liquid liquefaction air separation production liquid nitrogen purity is generally >99.999%.
The technical indicators are as follows:



Nitrogen (N2) content (volume fraction)/10-2 ≥


Oxygen (O2) purity (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Argon (Ar) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Hydrogen (H2) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Carbon monoxide (CO) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Carbon dioxide (CO2) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Methane (CH4) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


Moisture (H20) content (volume fraction)/10-6 ≤


V. Purity
99.2%, 99.5%, 99.8%, 99.995%, 99.999%, 99.998%, 99.9999%
Sixth, packaging specifications
It is usually transported to the customer site by tank truck.
Can be used in Dewar cans, 175L, 195L, 210L, 499L.
It can be packed in 1-5 cubic meters of fast and easy storage tanks, 1m3, 2m3, 3m3, 5m3 storage tanks.
It can be packed in cryogenic liquid storage tanks, 10m3, 15m3, 20m3, 30m3, 40m3, 50m3, 60m3, 100m3, etc.
Seven, nitrogen application
Due to the chemical inertness of nitrogen, it is often used as a protective gas, such as: fruits, foods, bulbs filled with gas. In order to prevent some objects from being oxidized by oxygen when exposed to air, filling the granary with nitrogen can make the grain not mold, germination and long-term preservation. Liquid nitrogen can also be used as a deep cryogen. As a cryogen, it is often used in the surgery of removing spots, bags, beans, etc. in the hospital. It is necessary to freeze the spots, bags, beans, etc., but it is prone to scars and is not recommended. High-purity nitrogen is used as a carrier gas for instruments such as chromatographs. Used as a bright annealing protective gas for copper tubes. Used as a laser gas for laser cutting machines with high-purity helium and high-purity carbon dioxide. Nitrogen is also used as a food preservation gas. In the chemical industry, nitrogen is mainly used as a protective gas, a replacement gas, a scrubbing gas, and a safety gas. It is used as a protective gas for aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, and aluminum thin rolling. Used as a shielding gas for reflow soldering and wave soldering to improve soldering quality. Used as a shielding gas in the production process of float glass, anti-tin bath oxidation.
Eight, matters needing attention
Hazard Category: Class 2.2 Inert Gas
Route of entry: inhalation
Health hazard: The nitrogen content in the air is too high, causing the partial pressure of oxygen inhaled to drop, causing hypoxia and asphyxia. When the concentration of inhaled nitrogen is not too high, the patient initially feels chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness and weakness; then there is irritability, extreme excitement, running, screaming, screaming, gait instability, called “nitrogen strontium”, which can enter drowsiness. Or coma. When inhaled at a high concentration, the patient can quickly stun and die due to breathing and heartbeat.
When the diver is deeply dive, nitrogen anesthesia can occur; if it is transferred from a high pressure environment to a normal pressure environment, nitrogen bubbles will form in the body, compressing nerves, blood vessels or causing microvascular obstruction, and a "decompression sickness" occurs.
Environmental hazard: none
Explosion hazard: This product is not flammable.
Skin contact: nothing (since the air contains about 78% nitrogen)
Eye contact: nothing (same reason as above)
Inhalation: (at higher concentrations) quickly leave the site to fresh air. Keep the airway open. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. When the heartbeat stops, artificial respiration and chest compressions are performed immediately. Seek medical attention.
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