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Helium gas tank

Product description
First, the product name
Chinese name: balloon helium tank
English name: Balloon helium tank
Second, product introduction
1. After filling with helium, it can be used for balloon and toy arrangement in weddings, banquets, etc. Helium is a completely inert gas, does not react with any substance, and has higher combustion resistance than hydrogen. Safety and operability. Suitable for non-professional families and individuals. Portable helium tank.
2. According to the different occasions of its use, it can be divided into: birthday party balloons, toy cartoon aluminum balloon, gift balloons, decorative balloons, advertising balloons, Valentine's Day balloons, children's day balloons, Christmas balloons, Chinese New Year hydrogen balloons and other festivals. balloon. Some people call aluminum foil balloons because they have different understandings of aluminum balloon materials. However, the material used in balloons here should be called aluminum film. The reason why some people call it hydrogen balloon or helium balloon is because it is charged. The gas is different. When the aluminum balloon is inflated, it is generally inflated with hydrogen because of the cost factor. Therefore, people in China generally call it a hydrogen balloon, but the disadvantage of using hydrogen is more dangerous. While foreign countries generally use helium to inflate aluminum balloon, so the foreign content on the inquiry sheet is written by helium balloon.
Third, common uses
1. The helium balloon really started to be produced in the late 1970s. It was easy to blast when children were playing with latex balloons, and the gas holding time was relatively short. Therefore, people always wanted to develop a balloon that can keep gas for a long time. A balloon that leaks and can withstand the weight of a child.
2. Helium balloons really started to be produced in the late 1970s. Before the children played latex balloons, they were easy to blast, and the gas holding time was short. Therefore, people always wanted to develop a balloon that can keep gas for a long time. A balloon that leaks and can withstand the weight of a child. Finally, in the late 1970s, the material of aluminum film was found. Helium is an inert gas, so there is no danger of filling the balloon.
3. The surface of these produced helium balloons looks not only very beautiful, but also produces various shapes of dinosaurs, Mickey, Donald Duck, dolphins, airplanes, tigers, elephants, etc. Aluminum film balloon. Once the product is available, it is very popular. The aluminum balloon is suitable for many occasions and can be used as an advertising balloon. It is the best gift for the advertising of major companies and companies.
4. Can also be used as a birthday party balloons, can create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, making guests feel good to participate.
Fourth, the packaging specifications
1.22 l the helium tank 10 can be filled latex spheres 50-55 inch, 12 inch latex spheres can be charged 37-40, 18-inch aluminum balloons may be filled with 15-18, 30-36 inch aluminum balloons charge 4 -5!
2.30 l inch the helium tank 10 filled latex balloon which can be 68-70, 12, 48-50 inch latex spheres can be charged, 18-inch aluminum balloons may be filled with 18-20, 30-36 inch aluminum fill the balloon 5 -7!
3. 13-liter helium gas tank 10 inch latex ball can charge 28-30, 12-inch latex ball can charge 18-20, 18-inch aluminum film balloon can charge 8-10
Fifth, the production process
Billet sawing and cutting - induction heating - anti-extrusion punching - drawing - picking - closing - heat treatment - external sandblasting - mouth thread processing - internal sandblasting (or phosphating) treatment - hydraulic test - upper valve -Airtight test-spray-drying-inspection-inbound
Sixth, matters needing attention
1. portable home installed on the helium tank is disposable cylinder valve, ensure that the cylinder will only be allowed to use once, not refillable, refillable accident may be caused, by the liable person filling hereby acknowledged.
2. The portable home should be stored in the helium tank bottles cool, ventilated, dry, ambient temperature must not exceed 55 ° C. Try to prevent collisions, falls and prevent damage and deformation of the bottle during transportation.
3. The rupture disc on the cylinder should be protected and not knocked to prevent sharp objects from colliding and rubbing. Ensure adult operation when using.
Note: The above gas cylinder specifications are general reference materials. If you have special requirements, please call 40009 63336, 18563963366.
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